Sunday, 29 January 2012

Life Lessons From a Two Year Old

Well...yes, it has been a while.

The last couple of weeks have been, well, busy.  It is funny how my life has changed so quickly in such a short time.  In the last 4 years I have married, been diagnosed and suffered from a serious illness, built a new house, changed jobs and had two children.  With all of this, I am still amazed daily with things that come from my son's mouth.  The following comments and events have enlightened me to a new level, and all coming from someone who only learned to form thoughts and 'kind of' articulate them within the last year or so.  I would say that the week of -40 degree temperatures were especially special for my personal education in this area. No big deal.

1. Music can never be fast enough. 
Beckett: Mommy can you make the music faster? 
Me: You mean louder? 
Beckett: Yes louder.

2. Dancing is fun, any time of day....especially when the music is faster.

3. 2 year olds have a lot of energy....maybe my 2 year old more than others?!
Beckett: Mommy, I have too much energy!
Me: Oh really?
Beckett: Yeah, it comes from my elbow and it comes from my tummy.

4. Peanut butter and jam is an acceptable meal all three meals of the day.  Snacks are also acceptable all day long, and always from the cupboard.
Beckett:  Something from in here!

5. Naps? Who needs naps?  They are for people who don't have enough energy.
Me: I need a nap. [in bed while he is watching a movie]
Beckett: You're not allowed to nap. NO! [yanking on my arm]

6. Hockey in the basement
Beckett:  Play with me!
Me: score!
Beckett: [rolling on the ground screaming] You're not allowed to score, I was going to score.  Play with me!

7. Cartoons are acceptable 24/7.  Who gets tired of Treehouse?  Really, Toopy and Binou?  A giant mouse and small cat?

8. Tantrums work sometimes, usually at the end of the day when Mommy is tired.  Get er' done.

9. Hangin' in the crib is cool, again.

10. Beckett:  Mommy we are happy, right. [hugging me]
Me: Yes...we are happy.  [heart melting]

What a little personality!

Oh...and I get why a certain talk show host guilts her parents about only having photos with her older brother, and none of her alone. 

Word out.


  1. GREAT post! I think you may be right...Beck does have a bit more energy than the average kid. Aerie has not tapped into the energy reserves in her elbows...Thank goodness for that!

    It is so cool to be around the kids as they learn to form their thoughts and try to share them. They do tend to come out a bit askew but thats what makes them so darling :)

  2. Haha! Beckett is hilarious! I love what comes out of the mouths of babes.

    p.s. I need new elbows and a new tummy, apparently. (;