Tuesday, 17 January 2012

New Firsts

Well Hello Blog World,

With our new addition to the family, I thought that blogging our adventures would be a good way to record some memories...plus a few friends have encouraged me :)  So, in starting to share the stories of my, Jimmy's, Beckett's and Tatum's life - I hope you find some pleasure in reading about the 'daily grind', frustrations, laughs, loves, and experiences.  If nothing else, you'll at least get an update of what's going on! 

Let this be my first - my first recording.  All four of us have had a lot of 'first' experiences in the last two months.  On November 28th, 2011 we welcomed Tatum Everleigh Sheasgreen - our first girl (and maybe only....to be decided yet!).  She has been wonderful and is teaching us a great deal the second time around.  Beckett is adjusting - sorta.  He is a big brother for the first time and although he loves Tatum almost incessantly (can there be a first for 'too many kisses?'), he does also have his tantrums.  This was clearly demonstrated recently where I had to leave the grocery store because he was running from one end of the store to the other with us chasing while he laughed somewhat evily....and then there were tears and screaming.  As a result, Jimmy and I are certainly dealing with the 'terrible twos' and doing what we can to maintain the monster!  We had our first Christmas as a family of four, which was busy of course with spending time between the Kerel's and the Sheasgreen's.  We then had our first road trip shortly after Christmas to celebrate the marriage of our good friends Tara and Adam in Panorama on New Years Eve.  It was a blast, and an experience travelling with two children....but so worth it.  Beckett was the star of the dance floor and steals all the ladies' hearts with his mad dance skills (handed down from me of course!)

We will see what the future holds, and really, how I will survive the next 10 months off of work.  I love my family and look forward to many more firsts that will be.  The picture above was, really, the first candid family photo taken at the wedding ceremony and is sure to be one of my favourite memories.

Word out.



  1. So glad you are doing this Court! It will be a great treasure in the years to come when so much time has passed that we can't remember all the little details.
    I look forward to hearing more about my hip friends - aka the Sheas'

  2. What a great idea. Thanks for the update and look forward to future postings.

  3. Hello new bloggy friend! Looking forward to seeing more pics of your cutie-pie kids. (: